Levin on Obama Admin’s New Trans Policy: The Military Is Being Destroyed from Within

Joe Setyon
By Joe Setyon | July 1, 2016 | 12:40 PM EDT

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin (AP Photo)

On his show Thursday, nationally syndicated radio show host Mark Levin discussed the Defense Department’s new policy on transgender soldiers, saying that “the military is being destroyed from within.”

“Here the military is being destroyed from within,” said Mark Levin. “Morale is being destroyed from within, social engineering has run amuck. They’re tampering with their benefits. They abuse them when it comes to battle, tie their hands and arms behind their backs. And now transgendering, and same-sex and what else?”

In this monologue, Levin was responding to Thursday’s announcement by Defense Secretary Ash Carter that transgender people will be allowed to openly serve in the military.

See below for a transcript of Levin’s comments:

Mark Levin: “And here we are; the Chinese are on the move, as you know, in the South China Sea, in the East China Sea, among other places. The Russians are on the move with their fascist, Putin. The Islamo-Nazis in Tehran are building ICBMs and working on their nuclear program.

“And we have all kind of slime balls and genocidal maniacs roaming the Planet Earth, looking for people to murder in cold blood.

“And Ash Carter is obsessed with transgendering Americans, which makes me wonder about Ash Carter. ‘What do you mean Mark?’ Well, nothing. What do you mean, what do I mean?

“Is it not perverse that with all the things going on in the world, the massive job that a Secretary of Defense has, that he is moving at breakneck speed to put women in combat, to have straight men and gay men and straight women and gay women in the same units and so forth? And now transgendering Americans? Really?

“I really feel bad for the United States military. We have the weakest corps of generals and admirals I’ve ever seen in my life – political generals and admirals – not all, but too d--- many of them. Not one of them has the guts to resign in protest.

“I remember General Singlaub, when Carter was talking about withdrawing troops from South Korea, he resigned, or he protested. He may have been removed. But he didn’t sit there with his mouth shut.

“Here the military is being destroyed from within. Morale is being destroyed from within. Social engineering has run amuck. They’re tampering with their benefits. They abuse them when it comes to battle, tie their hands and arms behind their backs. And now transgendering and same-sex and what else? Whatever, I mean whatever!

“Women in combat. Here’s this despicable fraud Ash Carter today.

“Cut 5 go.”

Secretary Ash Carter: “Now as a result of this year-long study, I’m announcing today that we’re ending the ban on transgender Americans in the United States Military.”

Mark Levin: “Aw, aren’t you swell? A year-long study. Who did the study? How were they picked? They do these phony studies, and right before Obama leaves office and takes all these clowns with him, they want to institute these things you see.

“Go ahead.”

Secretary Carter: “Effective immediately, transgender Americans may serve openly, and they can no longer be discharged or otherwise separated from the military just for being transgender.”

Mark Levin: “Why not? I don’t mean to offend, but why not? Look, the purpose of the military isn’t a social experiment. It’s not so people can express their sexuality or change their genitalia. That’s not the purpose of the United States Military.

“The purpose of the United States Military is to have strong men, and yes, strong women, depending on their roles, depending on their roles, in the military to protect us. 

“The stronger the better. The stronger the better. And they need to be qualified. And qualified means not lowering standards for women when it comes to certain positions in the military where men mostly serve now. That’s number one.

“Number two: you must maintain morale! You must maintain morale! It’s a fighting force. This isn’t some d--- college or university. Transgendering has nothing to do with defending this nation. And a h--- of a lot to do with undermining morale. No offense.

“And you know what? Everybody is not qualified for everything. It’s just that way. Sorry. This radical egalitarianism which I attack and attack and attack all the time, whether it’s based on sex, or income, or age, or whatever, is pathetic. It’s insanity.

“With all that’s going on in the world, the needs of the United States Military, this is what this fool is focused on.”

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