So, Just Where Did That $18 Billion Of Tax Money Go?

Joe Schoffstall
By Joe Schoffstall | March 29, 2013 | 11:01 AM EDT

The National Republican Congressional Committee has released "The Waste List," which is simply a list of ridiculous examples of government spending.

The total value of government waste according to the committee? Well over $18 billion dollars.

Here are a few things your taxpayers dollars are going towards:

  • Smokey Bear Balloons:$49,447
  • Pentagon weapons funds buy beef jerky:$700,000
  • Arcade-style floor mats for gym class:$90,750
  • USDA caviar promotion:$300,000
  • Contracts for trophies and typewriters:$24,000,000
  • Taxpayer funded yacht engines:$489,000
  • Taxpayer funded booze:$99,000
  • Study on heavy drinking in 30's linked to immaturity:$548,731
  • Moroccan pottery classes:$27,000,000
  • Department of Energy award for app that already exists:$100,000
  • Abandoned homes in New Orleans receive federal funds:$21,600,000
  • Paying for veterans' health care twice:$1,000,000,000

  • Improper food stamp payments:$4,500,000,000

Those are just the tip of the iceberg. For the full list and descriptions of these projects, click here.

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