Rep. Jackson Lee: Healthcare 'Should be a Constitutional Right,' If It Isn't Already

Joe Schoffstall
By Joe Schoffstall | May 7, 2013 | 2:55 PM EDT

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) took to the house floor yesterday and suggested that the Constitution gives people the right to education and healthcare.

"I think that what should be continuously emphasized-- as the president's leadership on one single point-- that, although healthcare per se wasn't listed in the Constitution, it should be a Constitutional right," she declared.

"If you read the words, or quote the words of the Declaration of Independence, 'We hold these truths to be self-evident,' that we have certain inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," said Jackson Lee.

She went on to say that one might argue that the right to education and healthcare is already implied in the Constitution:

"One might argue that education and healthcare fall into those provisions of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was in the context of that framework in the original words in the Constitution that as you open the book that has the provisions of the Constitution, the opening phraseology indicates that we've come together to create a more perfect union."

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