Free Michelle! (Turn that Jet Around)

By Jen Kuznicki | July 2, 2013 | 2:37pm EDT

They are gone!  Could somebody please lock the White House?

President Obama and family are supposed to arrive at the White House this evening at about 10:25 PM, and it'd be great if someone would just suggest they stay gone.  Throw another $100 million of our fake monopoly money at them; send them across the globe to more countries so they can make the conservative's point for us.

Add to the mix the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama has quipped that the White House is somewhat of a prison, so it's not like they are itching to get back, anyhow.

I think we need to pay for another trip or two, or seventy, so that we can continue to hear about how the other nations on this planet feel about the Obama agenda.

Just think of it: we can hear more about how enriching the lives of young Africans will boil the planet.

How our nation has declined into the category of non-God-fearing as remarked by the deputy Kenyan President.

That someone who has thoroughly peeved off the administration can defect to Russia for political asylum and will not be harassed by said administration's pesky jets.

That while in the same continent, a massive protest can occur that wishes to remove radical Islamists, I mean, come on, turn that jet around!

The more the Obamas spend abroad, the more they make the conservative points that we can't seem to get into the discussion.

But, on a serious note, I marvel at the thought that nations across this world have always looked to the United States as the beacon of freedom in the world as the force for right and peace and freedom that they can only dream about in their circumstance.

Could they be secretly cheering on the conservatives in this nation who want to "change it back"?

I disagree with those who believe it's over forever (or for a very long time) maybe, because I do believe in God and I do believe that God has blessed this nation.

We have to remember that, as America goes to the natural state of man, meaning slavery and oppression, the world goes too.  Deeper.  Worse.  Is it all that difficult to believe that populations within all the nations have a passion to promote the returning of America to its founding, to its Constitution, or at least to its capitalism?

We are seeing some reports about our President that we shake our heads at, but we have been doing that for five years.  Could we stir our own passions about this great land of ours this Independence Week, to stop looking at it as a nation in desperate decline, but a nation whose true defenders have just begun to fight?

If you look around and see nothing but rot and decline, think of the populations around the world who do root for us, and truly know how bad it can get.

Then, think of our founders who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to create a nation where men are free.

If the Obamas like to be on vacation, and they are being panned while promoting overseas the radical agenda they promote here, maybe, that will help get this great land back on track.

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