Levin Delivers Speech a ‘Real President’ Should Have Given After Dallas Shooting

By Jeannette Richard | July 13, 2016 | 4:39pm EDT
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

On his show Tuesday, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin responded to President Obama’s speech at a memorial service for the five police officers shot in Dallas last week with a speech of his own, one “a real president” would have delivered.

“I’m going to give a speech,” remarked Levin, “the kind of things that should have been said by a real president who has a heart and a conscience, who believes in this country.”

The transcript of Levin’s comments is below:

Obama: “Whether you are black, or white, or Hispanic, or Asian, or Native American, or of Middle Eastern descent, we have all seen this bigotry in our own lives.”

Levin: “Alright, I’m going to give a speech, the kind of things that should have been said by a real president who has a heart and a conscience, who believes in this country:

“I want the police department, the police officers in Dallas, Texas, to know that we stand with them. I want them to know, every single police officer, regardless of your age or your sex or your party affiliation, we appreciate what you do each and every day. You could do something else, but you do this.

“We know why you signed up to be a cop, because you care about your community. You care about their neighborhoods. You care about the citizens of Dallas, Texas, being safe and secure in their homes and their businesses and on the streets.

“And we know when you walk up to a car at two in the morning, or when you’re driving through a dangerous neighborhood, that you’re putting your lives on line. We know this. And it takes very courageous people to volunteer to do this work.

“You know, we know that the murder of police officers this year is outrunning the pace of last year. We know there are organizations in this country that preach violence. We know there are individuals in this country who preach violence, including Louis Farrakhan, among others.

“And I want you to know that we as a people, as a nation, as a freedom-loving nation, we denounce him, and we denounce them.

“This is the only country on the face of the earth, the only country on the face of the earth, which embraces every single background, religion, nationality, creed, and culture. This is the most tolerant, beneficent nation on the face of the earth.

“I would encourage everybody to read the Declaration of Independence. This is the heart and soul of the American republic. It is the culmination of hundreds and hundreds of years of enlightenment, and thousands and thousands of years of human experience.

“We’re not a perfect country. No country is perfect. We’re not a perfect people. No people are perfect. But we’re more perfect than any other.

“We’re more perfect than any other because no matter who you are, no matter what your beginnings are, if you embrace life in America you can make something of yourself.

“You can decide who and what you want to be. You can decide if you want an education. You can decide if you want to drive a truck, or you want to design rocket ships. Nothing in this country can stop you. Quite the contrary. This country encourages success and motivation, and it rewards both.

“Now America is attacked from all sides, externally and internally. Unfortunately, we’ve never quite figured out how to have freedom and at the same time people abusing our freedom to destroy our freedom. This is a problem that republics have and have had since there were republics.

“Now our local police forces are more advanced in terms of training, in terms of diversity – yes – in terms of technology, than ever before in American history. They are professional organizations of the sort that don’t exist anywhere else on the face of the earth.

“Are they perfect? No. Is anyone perfect? No. And we have a process, a system for sorting that out. It’s a due process system. It applies to all citizens, and it applies to police officers.

“Now there’s a war on the cops going on in this country. I regret to say it. And I have ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation to identify those individuals and organizations that are in word and action urging the killing or maiming of our police officers.

“And I will not tolerate such threats or violence. As President of the United States, I will not tolerate it. This is a top priority. We need to keep safe the men and women who seek to make sure we’re safe. That’s exactly what we’re going to do.

“And I want the people of Dallas, Texas to know that the whole nation saw what took place, that an individual who was neither poor, an individual who was never a victim, had a heart full of evil and hate.

“He was a racist. Just as there can be white racists, there can be black racists. Racism has nothing to do with ethnicity. And he was a racist targeting police officers, white police officers.

“In this country, we do not tolerate targeting of any human being, regardless of race, or profession. We reject it outright.”

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