‘Trump Assassination’ Theatre Group Pulls Sponsor List Following Backlash - But, Remains Defiant

By Gage Cohen | June 12, 2017 | 3:43pm EDT
Trump as Julius Caesar

After a story published the list of sponsors of a theatre group's rendition of “Julius Caesar” – in which actors “assassinate” President Donald Trump, The Public Theater pulled its list of sponsors from its website.

Public outrage at the troupe’s “Shakespeare in the Park” rendition of Julius Caesar, in which President Trump is portrayed as being brutally stabbed to death, prompted major sponsors like Bank of America and Delta to withdraw their support. On Monday morning, Public Theater’s "Corporate Sponsors" webpage still listed its sponsors – including those who had pulled out.

But, by Monday afternoon, Public Theater had pulled its list of sponsors, replacing it with a vague, generic appeal for support and a slide show.