Judicial Watch: VA Gov.’s Former Electric Car Company Will Cost Taxpayers Millions – Media Silent

By Gage Cohen | July 13, 2017 | 5:49pm EDT
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. (Photo: Michaele White/Governor's Office)

( - The state auditor of Mississippi is demanding that Virginia Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s former company, GreenTech, repay nearly $6.4 million in public money since the electric vehicle company shut down and failed to deliver on its promises to create new jobs.

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch reports that most mainstream media outlets are ignoring this newsworthy story.

McAuliffe was a co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 bid for the presidency and served as the chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) prior to being elected governor of Virginia in 2014.

According to Richmond Times-Dispatch, the governor, who was the founder of GreenTech, brokered a deal with the state of Mississippi whereby his company would receive taxpayer dollars in exchange for “investing $60 million and producing 350 jobs at its Mississippi facility.”

In 2009, after losing Virginia’s gubernatorial race, McAuliffe purchased a Chinese company, moved it to Mississippi, and founded it as GreenTech, “burnishing his credentials as an entrepreneurial businessman ahead of his successful 2013 run for governor,” according to the Times-Dispatch.

In 2012, McAuliffe held an opening ribbon-cutting ceremony for his new electric car operation, attended by former President Bill Clinton and a former Mississippi governor.

In December of that year, he resigned his post as chairman and divested from the flailing company. Now, Mississippi’s auditor Stacey Pickering is requesting that the company pay the state $6,360,019.60.

“Greentech Automotive Inc. received $3,000,000 from the Mississippi Development Authority on behalf of the Mississippi Industry Incentive Financing Revolving Loan program, and a $2,000,000 loan was also given to Tunica County on behalf of the Board of Supervisors to secure land for the Greentech Automotive production facility,” said a press release.

“As a condition of receiving these funds, GreenTech Automotive Inc. agreed to invest $60,000,000 into Tunica County and create 350 new full-time jobs along with several other commitments. These were never fulfilled.”

Gov. Terry McAuliffe is a long-time Democratic operative and is reportedly considering launching a Presidential bid in 2020. Judicial Watch notes that he appeared on the group’s 2013 “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list.

In addition, the governor was sued by Judicial Watch last year for attempting to give over 200,000 convicted felons the ability to vote.

“Though his pals in the mainstream media are keeping his name out of the GreenTech scandal, McAuliffe could still be in serious trouble,” stated Judicial Watch.

While he is no longer involved with GreenTech, the state’s request for a large repayment could end in a long and publicized period in court, bringing to light nationally what has only been reportedly locally and mentioned in passing by The Washington Post.

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