Sen. Kaine Addresses ROTC on DOD Climate Change Prep

Eric Scheiner
By Eric Scheiner | April 17, 2015 | 9:05 AM EDT

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) told a crowd of ROTC cadets, service members and veterans about his efforts to get the Department of Defense (DOD) to address climate change.

“I asked them to, in the budget, create an opportunity for special funding to preserve our DOD installations from the affects of climate change, and, surprisingly, I got votes, bi-partisan votes, and I got that in the budget,” Kaine told WAVY-TV last week.

Kaine spoke to the group at Old Dominion University about the budget and his sense of a growing realization with lawmakers that steps need to be taken to help military installations deal with sea level rise.

In March, Kaine sponsored an amendment in the Senate Budget Committee to include in the federal budget a fund that would be used to help Defense Department facilities better withstand climate change. The committee approved the measure.


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Eric Scheiner
Eric Scheiner
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