Residents Protest Removal Of Cross From Town Tree

By Eric Scheiner | December 14, 2016 | 4:39pm EST
A Knightstown, Ind. town worker removes the cross from the Christmas tree. (WRTV screen grab)

The cross was removed from the Knightstown, Indiana Christmas tree on Monday following a lawsuit filed by the ACLU.

WTTV reports that the lawsuit came on the behalf of town resident Joe Thompkins, stating the religious symbol should not be displayed on town property.

The town council released a statement, saying they couldn’t deal with the costs of a legal battle, so the cross was removed from the tree.

Now dozens of residents are taking to the streets to protest the council’s decision.

"One man shouldn't dictate how the rest of us express our religious freedoms. We have that freedom under the First Amendment,” resident Aaron Magee said.

At a town council meeting scheduled for Thursday, the council plans to pass a resolution that would keep the cross off the tree for good. Residents tell WTTV they will be attending the meeting to express their disapproval of the proposal.

h/t WRTV

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