Planned Parenthood Announces 'Historic' Abortion Facility in Okla.

By Eric Scheiner | November 21, 2016 | 4:29pm EST

Planned Parenthood announced last week that it’s Warr Acres facility in Oklahoma is the organization’s first dedicated abortion provider in the state.

“As 94% of all the counties in Oklahoma are without an abortion provider, we were deeply committed to expanding access,” Laura McQuade, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains told KWTV.

The station reports Planned Parenhood is calling the new abortion facility “historic.”

Oklahoma State Senator Greg Treat tells KWTV, he’ll be paying close attention to how the facility operates.

“You can no longer hide saying that you are for women’s health - you are for abortion, you are pro-abortion,” said Sen. Treat about Planned Parenthood.

“We will continue at every stretch to protect the most vulnerable among us,” said Sen. Treat.

For the story from KWTV click here.

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