NFL Star Watson on Protestors: ‘No Reason Ever to Steal Because You’re Upset’

By Eric Scheiner | December 29, 2015 | 11:03am EST

New Orleans Saints’ tight end Benjamin Watson says he understands the pain of protesters but that there is “no reason ever to steal because you’re upset.”

The outspoken Christian and author of “Under Our Skin – Getting real About Race” shared his thoughts with on what happens when the media captures images of protestors looting and rioting as they did in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this year.

“It turns you off,” Watson said.  “That’s not just talking about white people – me being black – it turns me off.”

“I see people acting in lawless ways, robbing and stealing. There’s no reason ever to steal because you’re upset.”

“I talk about this in my (social media) posts and in the book. I understand the pain. I understand the fear and all those things but that is not the correct response to it,” Watson continued.

“When you see those images over and over again – it’s embarrassing, it’s embarrassing to see those things and I can imagine it turns a lot of people off. It in many ways affirms the ideas you are trying to fight when you act in that way.”

Last year, Watson’s social media posts sharing his thoughts on the unrest in Ferguson following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson went viral.  Watson collected and expanded upon his thoughts on race in America in his book ‘Under Our Skin’.

A complete interview with Benjamin Watson about the book can be found below.

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