NFL Star Watson: ‘How We View Life, from Conception to the Grave' – Impacts How We Treat Life

Eric Scheiner
By Eric Scheiner | April 10, 2015 | 9:40 AM EDT

Outspoken New Orleans Saints tight end, Benjamin Watson, has taken to social media to voice his thoughts on the Walter Scott shooting death and the video’s impact on America.

“How we VIEW life, from conception to the grave, has direct impact on how we TREAT life in each stage,” Watson said in a Facebook post late Thursday.

Benjamin Watson Facebook Page

"How we VIEW life, from conception to the grave, has direct impact on how we TREAT life in each stage. A return to Absolute Truth is the anchor that will steady the ship in these rough waters. A house divided will not stand for very long and these issues threaten to divide us more and more as we veer away and do what is right in our own eyes.”

“As a nation we are at a critical juncture. The recent hostile situations involving Police and citizens, coupled with a few other highly debated issues are threatening to rip America apart. I struggle to remember a time in recent history where there has been so much protesting boycotts and riots in city streets as well as on Capitol Hill. We must never be afraid to call right, right and wrong, wrong. Immigration reform, Same Sex Marriage, Religious Freedom, Terrorism, Race even Abortion are just a few of the volatile issues that threaten to capsize the ship."

The issue of race relations and the role of fathers also come in to play in Watson’s commentary.

“We MUST collectively come to grips with the fact that this is not a dream or illusion. Black men, in particular, are treated differently than their white counterparts by law enforcement and the judicial system as a whole. This is uncomfortable but is historically and currently true.”

“It is futile to address lawbreaking, disrespect for authority, and delinquency without addressing the breakdown of the most important building block of our society: the family. It is the family that God has charged with the spiritual, emotional and social development of the next generation. Statistically, fatherlessness is an epidemic. It's infinitely more difficult (though not impossible) for a man to learn to respect authority figures without a father or father figure in his life.”

Watson concludes his thoughts on the subject by focusing on forgiveness and the ultimate judgment of God, “Walter Scott's mother expressed sadness for the officer who murdered her son because he will have to "give an account before God" for his actions. She is so right. What a reminder for us all.”

“Man makes laws, grants civil rights, enforces laws, amends laws, and breaks laws. Sometimes I feel like things just don’t make sense and the chaos is overwhelming. But as I look through scripture one thing is certain. God knows what is going on in our world today and he has ALWAYS, is ALWAYS, and will ALWAYS be in control.”

Eric Scheiner
Eric Scheiner
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