Levin: The Republican National Committee Has Surrendered Entire Process to the Media

By Eric Scheiner | October 29, 2015 | 10:38am EDT

Even before Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate on CNBC led to several candidates to criticize the way it was moderated, conservative talk show host Mark Levin was calling for the Republican National Committee to take back the debate process from the liberal media.

“My point is this, these campaigns ought to get together, set up their own rules, follow their own rules, decide whose involved in the debates, maybe you have other debates,” Levin told WMAL ‘Morning on the Mall’ listeners Wednesday. “The RNC has surrendered the entire process to the media.”

“The media shouldn’t even be involved,” Levin said. “The media is influencing the questions and the outcomes of these debates in some respects. They certainly did in the first debate and they tried during the second debate.”

“The RNC ought to take this process back. The age of the media being the moderator in these debates only started in 1960 or so. I think we need to get back to a process where the parties--these are Republican debates--it’s not the CNBC debate or the CNN debate or the Fox debate.The media should be pushed out and forced to report on them rather than influence them.”

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