Christopher Lee Warned of the Occult: ‘You’ll Lose Your Soul’

Eric Scheiner | June 11, 2015 | 2:19pm EDT
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Horror film legend Christopher Lee may have played creatures linked to the occult on screen, but he didn’t want to be linked to the occult off screen. The actor even warned his fans not to get involved with the occult, “I warn all of you - never, never, never – not only will you lose your mind you’ll lose your soul.”

During a 2011 interview at University College Dublin, Lee was asked about a popular rumor that he owned a vast collection of books on the occult.

“I don’t have a huge collection,” Lee said.  “Somebody wrote I had 20-thousand books. I’d have to live in a bath. I have maybe four or five.”

“I have met people who to claimed to be Satanists, who claimed to be involved in black magic,” Lee continued.

“I certainly haven’t been involved and I warn all of you - never, never, never – you will not only lose your mind you’ll lose your soul.”

Lee made his name playing Dracula and Frankenstein's monster in the Hammer Studio horror films of the 1950’s. He went on to appear in more than 250 movies including the Star Wars and Lord of The Rings film series.

Lee passed away on Sunday, June 7th at the age of 93.

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