Pro-Abortion Feminists Throw Firebombs at Argentinian Church and City Hall Building

By Emily Ward | October 17, 2018 | 11:52am EDT

A pro-abortion rally hosted by the Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres (ENM), or National Meeting of Women, in Trelew, Argentina turned violent on Sunday, Oct. 14,  as feminist protestors threw Molotov cocktails at various buildings.

According to a tweet by Malvinas Argentinas (@Abogadatrucha), a municipality in Argentina’s Chubut Province, the feminists attacked a Catholic church with firebombs as people inside the church prayed.

“In Trelew, the Satanic abortion horde is attacking the church with Molotov cocktails. The firefighters are working so it does not burn. They are constantly wetting the wooden door so the fire does not advance. Inside the church, a group of the faithful is praying in front of the Tabernacle,” the Oct. 14 tweet, translated from Spanish, read.

Crux reported that women at the rally vandalized various buildings in Trelew with feminist slogans.

“‘Abort your heterosexuality,’ ‘Church and State, separate affair,’ ‘death to the macho is not a metaphore,’ and ‘lesbianize yourself’ were among slogans an estimated 50,000 women who rallied through downtown Trelew left behind, with graffiti scrawled on storefronts, privately-owned homes and churches,” Crux reported.


Another tweet by Malvinas Argentinas, posted prior to the event on Oct. 14, warned citizens of Trelew to “withdraw money from ATMs” and “provision with food, fuel and cash” before the start of the rally and “avoid traveling with vehicles in the center during Saturday’s and Sunday’s marches.”

According to Crux, the police arrested 10 demonstrators.

“Ten people were arrested in Trelew, located in the Patagonian province of Chubut. By Monday afternoon the demonstrators had been released, but videos showing the women throwing incendiary devices, stones and other objects at various public buildings beyond the church of Our Lady Auxiliadora are being investigated,” Crux reported.

The event in Trelew was ENM’s 33rd annual rally. The organization stands against gender stereotypes and violence against women and LGBTQ people, and defends LGBTQ rights and legal abortion, according to its website.

The three-day event included various workshops, such as “Women and Obstetric Violence,” “Women and Work,” “Women and the Fight Against Drugs and Drug Trafficking,” “Women and Lesbian Activism,” “Women and Soccer” and “Women, Power and Politics,” and ended with the rally.

According to Crux, the event has been “for the most part composed of peaceful women,” but a “small yet significant” group of demonstrators has turned to violence in recent years.

Unidad Provida, an Argentinian pro-life group, condemned the violence.

“Authentic feminism cannot be violent, cannot promote the death or destruction of anyone. That is why you can’t be an abortionist,” the group wrote Tuesday in a tweet.

The group also posted photos of the chaos.


Pope Francis, who hails from Argentina, has also denounced the violence of abortion, comparing it to “hiring a hitman,” according to Catholic News Agency.

“Is it right to take a human life to solve a problem? It’s like hiring a hitman,” the Pope said on Oct. 10.

Argentina has been embroiled in controversy over abortion in recent months. On August 9, the Argentinian Senate rejected a measure that would have legalized abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, Fox News reported.

Following the August vote, pro-abortion protestors turned violent.

“The demonstrations were largely peaceful, but after the vote, small groups of protestors clashed with police, throwing firebombs and setting up flaming barricades,” Fox reported. “Police officers responded with tear gas.”


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