Mark Levin: ‘You Have to Believe the Unbelievable’ to Believe Dr. Ford

By Emily Ward | October 4, 2018 | 12:17pm EDT
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, TV host, author and American lawyer Mark Levin (Screenshot)

“You have to believe the unbelievable” to believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, said nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin on his show Wednesday.

“So you have to believe the unbelievable to believe her testimony against Brett Kavanaugh,” stated Mark Levin. “You have to believe the unbelievable. You must suspend your reasoning.”

Levin’s remarks came Wednesday, a few days before the Senate is expected to hold a cloture vote on Friday to end debate over whether to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, who has denied the sexual assault allegations by Dr. Ford.

Read the full transcript of Levin’s comments from his show on Wednesday:

“In order to believe Dr. Ford, you have to suspend your ability to reason. She’s given three different answers as to when the assault happened, mid-eighties, early eighties and, all of a sudden, ‘Actually, it was the summer of 1982,’ after she lawyers up.

“You have to believe that she waited, waited, really, until now, to reveal that the individual who assaulted her was, in fact, Judge Kavanaugh. Never said anything to anybody else. Although, her husband now has circled back and said, ‘Oh, I remember her telling me during marriage therapy.’ Okay, we’d like to see the notes. They won’t return it; they won’t release the notes. So that’s not believable.

“She can’t remember key details about the night: who invited her to the party, how she heard about the party, how she got to the party, how she left the party, where the house is, exactly, with any specificity, and, of course, most importantly, how she left the party, with whom she left the party, how she traveled back home, when she got back home.

“The alleged assault has not been corroborated by a single person, including none of the people she’s named, including, as well, her lifelong girlfriend, Leland Keyser. That apparently has not changed based on reports today.

“She hasn’t provided a consistent account of the alleged assault, and she had big trouble remembering important recent events, like in her discussion with the Washington Post reporter, whether she actually gave portions of her therapist’s notes to the reporter – now, this is in July –the whole copy of the therapist’s notes or read from the therapist’s notes, she doesn’t remember. She can’t remember if she had an actual copy of the therapist’s notes when she called the Washington Post, or she had gone to her therapist’s office and read the notes. Can’t remember any of that. She won’t provide the notes to the committee. She won’t provide it to the committee.

“She can’t remember the day that she had the polygraph – now, this is very recent, this is, what, a month, six weeks, eight weeks ago – whether it was on the day her grandmother passed away or not. She can’t remember if it was video or audio recorded, and the committee would like to know. They want to see if, in fact, she was traumatized during the course of the lie-detector test, as she claims.

“She didn’t know that the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans, the majority, had offered to go to California to interview her in any form. And why didn’t she know? People say her lawyers must have withheld that information. Maybe the lawyers didn’t withhold the information. Maybe she just didn’t give a forthright answer.

“We know from her ex-boyfriend that she never mentioned Kavanaugh’s name. She never mentioned sexual assault in the six years that they lived together and the few years before that that they dated. We know she had no problem with claustrophobia because she had an apartment that was 500 square feet. That’s a small apartment. That’s a very small apartment. We know that she never mentioned Kavanaugh’s name to her boyfriend, her live-in boyfriend of six years.

“So you have to believe the unbelievable to believe her testimony against Brett Kavanaugh. You have to believe the unbelievable. You must suspend your reasoning.”

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