Judicial Watch: Yates Would Have Signed Off on The ‘Targeting of Donald Trump’

By Emilie Cochran | May 31, 2018 | 5:07pm EDT
Judicial Watch President
Tom Fitton. (YouTube)

As the acting attorney general and the deputy attorney general in the Obama administration, Sally Yates would have “signed off on all of this investigating that was really just targeting of Donald Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, who added that Yates should testify before Congress about the “abuses of the Justice Department” and the “helping of Hillary Clinton.”

On Fox & Friends, May 28, Sally Yates was quoted as saying that President Trump, by directing the Justice Department (DOJ) to investigate alleged federal spying on his presidential campaign, was engaged in an “assault on the rule of law.” 

Asked about her comment, Fitton said, “It’s a bit rich given the fact that she was fired as acting AG for refusal to uphold the rule of law. Trump’s travel ban, she just refused to defend it, contrary to her obligations as a lawyer and attorney general -- so she got fired. And she was the number two in the Obama Justice Department.”

Sally Yates was the acting attorney general from Jan. 20, 2017 until Jan 30, 2017, prior to which she was deputy attorney general. Yates was fired for not enforcing President Donald Trump’s travel ban, an act that contradicted her obligations as a lawyer, said Fitton.

He also commented on her position as the No. 2 agent at the Justice Department: “She would’ve signed off on the Clinton DNC dossier misuse before the files or courts. She would’ve signed off on the spy-gate spy. She would’ve signed off on the use of national security letters to take up the Trump campaigns phone record.”

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.  (YouTube, CNN)

“She would’ve signed off on all of this investigating that was really just targeting of Donald Trump,” said the Judicial Watch president.

“It’s because of the activities of people like Sally Yates who set up the Mueller investigation, including the Flynn ambush interview that led to his plea deal, that raise questions about the Mueller operation itself,” Fitton said.

Later in the interview, the host asked, “The House Judiciary and Oversite Committee has a joint investigation into the Clinton email scandal. Do you believe Sally Yates should be subpoenaed, should appear and answer questions?”

President Donald Trump. (YouTube)

Fitton said, “Sally Yates would be a top witness in the abuses of the Justice Department targeting President Trump and helping Hillary Clinton, for sure.”

Fitton also said the president has an obligation to bring forth information of instances in which the DOJ or the FBI may have abused to law.

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