Rush: Hillary's 'A Doormat, Not A Feminist Leader,' Dems 'Dumping All Over Her' Once Again

David James
By David James | October 16, 2012 | 1:28 PM EDT

On his show today, radio host Rush Limbaugh said Hillary Clinton "is a doormat, not a feminist leader."

"This woman, Mrs. Clinton, smartest woman in the world - she came in with all this pre-pub, and Hillary has always been chosen, and its always been her turn next until Obama came along to shaft her out of the presidency. Because of what she put up with Bill, because of what she did. She permitted Clinton to remain in office. Heck, she actually allowed Clinton's career to stay viable so he could run for the presidency.

"She was owed quite a lot. And yet everybody in the Democrat party, when they need a fall guy, or they need to dump on somebody, they always go to Hillary. And she always accepts it.

"You Hillary supporters out there - I know there are a lot of you out there still a little angry over what happened to her in the 2008 primaries. And once again the Democrat party and Obama dumping all over her and making her take the blame.

"She agreed to do it, so there's obviously something going on in addition to what we know, behind the scenes.

"We were trying to make the case on this show that she was not the smartest woman in the world. She was not God's gift to whatever problem existed. She was, basically, in over her head and allowed to run free because Clinton owed her so much. And so she had free hand in health care, free hand in a number of other things. She could have ended Clinton's presidency at any time, telling the truth about any of the bimbos. All of them.

"But she agreed to keep it under wraps, she agreed to lie, she agreed to go on the Today Show and blame it all on the vast right-wing conspiracy -  so she was owed everything, including the presidency in 2008.

"And then, when it was hers, when it was in the palm of her hands -  here comes a skinny kid from Illinois that everybody starts calling the messiah - and they dump on her again.

"The woman is a doormat, not a feminist leader. It's the most amazing thing. And we keep hearing stories about how the Clintons and Obama's don't like each other, right?  That there's bad blood. If that's the case, how is it that Obama prevails on her every time to bail him out of something. It's stunning to me. Obviously, things we don't know that are going on.

"Anyway, so now she is responsible for the lack of security that led to the deaths of four Americans. Are you kidding me?

"We did Operation Chaos on this program in the campaign of 2008 to prolong her campaign to give her a chance at maybe securing the Democrat nomination because the rest of the Democrats had thrown her overboard in favor of Obama.  Now, she's thrown overboard again and has to go to Peru to take the hit."

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