Levin Weighs In On How Politicians Can Actually 'Support Women'

David James
By David James | August 9, 2012 | 12:02 PM EDT

Last night, radio host Mark Levin posed the question: “How does Obama support women in Colorado?”

Discussing President Obama’s campaign stop in Colorado to win over female support, Levin said that President Obama’s failed domestic policies also have a negative impact on women- not just men:

“[President] Obama’s in Colorado telling women in Colorado that he supports them. How does Obama support women in Colorado? With free contraceptives?

“May I ask you a question- you women in Colorado? Don’t you find this sexist on his part? In addition to presumptuous. How is he representing you exactly?

“I mean, first of all, if the job market sucks because of his left-wing policies, doesn’t that affect women? If the economy is flat and people are underwater on their mortgages, their losing their homes, or they can’t sell their homes, or losing their equity, doesn’t that affect women?

“When he drives up the price of fuel and energy through his anti-capitalist policies when it comes to the Canadian pipeline, or drilling and refining- doesn’t that affect women? I mean are all these policies aimed at men?

“Do you realize what a comic-book character this guy is? Running to Colorado, beating his chest about how he represents women and he’s gonna protect women from the Republicans. Are all the women in this country Democrats?

“You know one week it’s the Republican war on women, the next week it’s the Republican war on Hispanics, the week after that it’s the Republican war on blacks. The week after that it’s the Republican war on Republicans.

“Just goes on, and on, and on.”

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