Soros-Funded Activist Gave Reagan Portrait The Finger At White House

Dan Gainor
By Dan Gainor | June 23, 2012 | 10:31 AM EDT

Left-wing activists gave a painting of Reagan the finger, but the hand that props them up comes from George Soros. One of the two activists involved is national director of public engagement at Solutions for Progress – funded in part by Soros’s Open Society Institute.

According to The Washington Times: “The White House expressed disapproval Friday of photographs showing gay-rights activists, guests of President Obama, making obscene gestures at the portrait of President Reagan during a gay-pride reception at the White House last week.”

Matthew Hart, the national director of public engagement at Solutions for Progress, posted his photo giving Reagan the finger on Facebook with the caption saying, “F*** Reagan,” (without the editing).

Several news organizations have described the company much as it describes itself as “a mission-driven company committed to assisting low and moderate-income individuals and families to sustainably move out of poverty.”

But there’s more to it than that. Solutions for Progress operates with “B Corp Certification,” which is a corporate form designed to create a public benefit. The company operates “a web-based anti-poverty platform, The Benefit Bank” in nine states.

While most of those state operations do not include financial information, the North Carolina operation identifies its funding as coming in part from Soros. “TBB-NC is funded with generous support from the Duke Endowment, the Open Society Institute, and the NC Department of Commerce.”, the website for Soros’s Open Society Foundations, includes no mention of either Solutions for Progress or the Benefit Bank.

George Soros aids hundreds of left-wing groups in America each year under the auspices of his Open Society Foundations. In just 10 years, Soros has given more than $550 million to liberal organizations in the United States.

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