Rep. Jordan: ‘We Have to Be Willing to Fight’ to Secure Border, Because ‘Biden Is Not Going to Just Suddenly See the Light’

Craig Millward | February 24, 2023 | 11:07am EST
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Rep. Jim Jordan
(Getty Images/Mandel Ngan)

(CNS News)- Speaking on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said House Republicans have to be “willing to fight” to secure the southern border and added that it would be “more appropriate” to secure a deal in the appropriations bills than in the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations.

“We have to look at someplace where - some must-pass legislation where we can do it. I think that's probably more appropriate on the appropriation bills, which come up in September,” Jordan said, when asked by Host Sean Hannity if House Republicans were willing to tie securing the border to the imminent debt ceiling fight.

“But we have to be willing to fight because we saw over the last two days just how serious it is” and President Biden isn't going to just, one day, wake up and decide to secure the border, Jordan said:

“When you got that volume of people and that number of people, it’s coming over. So, yeah, we got to be willing to fight, because Joe Biden is not going to just suddenly see the light and do the right thing. So it’s going to be up to us to fight.”

Indeed, allowing unrestricted illegal immigration has been President Biden’s goal ever since he took office, Rep. Jordan said:

“And understand, this was done intentionally from Day One. On Day One, Joe Biden said no more wall, no more remain in Mexico, no more deportation. And as a result of that we got all those facts and figures you just cited Sean. But, what we also got today and what we heard from people here in Yuma is how it overwhelmed their school system, their hospital system, their first responders, their law enforcement, border patrol. The cost to the folks here on the border and across the border and maybe most importantly now that is coming across the country.” 

Jordan, joined by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), told Hannity that neither Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, nor any House Democrat, chose to attend a House Judiciary Committee field hearing held earlier in the day on the border in Yuma, Arizona.

“Yeah. If your policies were the reason for five million illegal migrants coming across the border, and all the fentanyl that’s caused so much harm to countless communities, I don't think I would show up either,” Jordan said:

“It's coming to Florida, it’s coming to Ohio, it’s coming to New York City. Even Mayor Eric Adams said they can’t take anymore. That is why this is so serious and that's why we have to change things and pass legislation out of our committee and out of the House, which we plan to do.”

At the House hearing on Thursday, Jordan criticized Democrats for not showing up to the Yuma event.

“It’s a shame that not one Democrat member of Congress would join us on this trip, despite having weeks of advanced notice. It’s disappointing but not surprising. In fact, Democrats have called this a stunt. I would argue it’s not a stunt…my guess is our witnesses would not call it a stunt. What we’ve learned today from them, what we’ve seen last night on the border, but it’s disappointing they’re not here,” Jordan said.

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