Phillies Pitching Coach Awards ‘Sensitive Bus’ to Pitchers Who Get Offended

By Craig Millward | March 2, 2018 | 11:46am EST
The 'Sensitive Bus.' 
(Photo: Jim Salisbury)

Philadelphia Phillies' Pitching Coach Rick Kranitz began a practice last season that involved placing a “Sensitive Bus,” a little toy bus, in the locker of a pitcher who was deemed to be too sensitive. 

This season, Kranitz upgraded it to a toy figurine with whining, sad, and angry emojis on the side, according to Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia

"If somebody gets on somebody's nerves and there's some sensitivity, I'll just go get it and put it in their locker,” Kranitz said, according to Salisbury. 

"You know, sometimes guys get a little sensitive about things," Salisbury quoted Kranitz saying. "They start jabbing each other a little, getting under each others' skin. It doesn't even have to be about baseball. You have to have tough skin. The boys, they don't ever want the bus in their locker.”

According to Salisbury, it was originally intended for Phillies pitchers but now position players can receive the award as well. 

Kranitz even said, "Hey, I might put it in my own locker."

Salisbury said Kranitz has not had to put the bus in anyone's locker so far this spring.

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