Buttigieg Says He ‘Will Eliminate the Hyde Amendment’ as President

By Craig Millward | August 22, 2019 | 10:43am EDT
Mayor Pete Buttigieg
(Getty Images/Sean Rayford)

( Speaking at a NARAL Pro-Choice America town hall in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday, South Bend, Indiana mayor and 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (D) said that, if elected, he will “ensure access to abortion care and proactively expand access to reproductive health” and “eliminate the Hyde Amendment.”

“When I am president, we’re going to do more than just stop policies pushing us backward,” Buttigieg said. “We’re going to ensure access to abortion care and proactively expand access to reproductive health. We’re going to make sure that all women have access to comprehensive, affordable care – knowing, by the way, that there is more to women than reproductive health. Comprehensive care, physical health care, mental health care - that is not getting enough attention in this country. And yes, preventive care, contraceptive services, prenatal and postpartum and safe and legal abortion.

“It’s part of my plan to get us to universal healthcare, Medicare for all who want it,” Buttigieg continued, making a pitch for optional, government-provided health care:

“Give all Americans the option to get into a Medicare-style program and opt out of the private, corporate system that is letting them down, without ordering them to do it, but allowing Americans to do what they do best, which is vote with our feet.

“I don’t think we get there in this country by just flipping a switch and kicking millions of Americans off of their plans. But, I also don’t think that you’re free when insurance companies can keep finding ways to charge you more and then abandon you and your family when they’re most vulnerable. That’s why we need a better way.

“And we will eliminate the Hyde Amendment and restore funding for abortion care for Medicaid patients and other federal help programs.”

The Hyde Amendment, enacted in 1976 and named after former Congressman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.), prohibits federal funds from being used to pay for abortion with exceptions for rape, incest, or if the pregnancy endangers the woman’s life.


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