Youth Gun Group Membership, Donations Surge 1,200% Since Fla. School Shooting Despite Media, Politicians

By Craig Bannister | March 14, 2018 | 12:06pm EDT
Young Americans embracing, defending their Second Amendment rights. (Screenshot)

Young Americans have taken to the Internet to find, join and support the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Alan Gottlieb, the gun-rights group’s president, says.

Despite the media’s anti-gun propaganda and politicians’ demands for raising the age for gun ownership in the wake of last month’s mass shooting at Florida school, many more young Americans have begun embracing their Second Amendment rights, Gottlieb says in a statement published on SAF’s website:

“While the media has paraded high school students to push a gun control agenda, the age group that is now being targeted by that effort is energizing, and showing that there is another side to this controversy.”

“Since the tragic mass shooting at a Florida high school last month resulted in efforts to restrict firearms ownership by young adults, the Second Amendment Foundation has experienced a 1,200 percent increase in the number of 18- to 20-year-olds joining or supporting the organization.”

The surge in youth membership and donations was unexpected, since it was driven by young Americans taking to the Internet to find the Foundation – not by any special marketing effort, Gottlieb says:

“We normally don’t get that many members or donors in that age group since the gun rights movement typically trends toward older Americans. But the 18- to 20-year-olds have never been specifically targeted before, and they are obviously alarmed. This influx of young Americans into the gun rights movement is important, not just to respond to the current gun control threat, but as the movement has gotten older, it is encouraging to see so many young adults getting involved in support of Second Amendment rights.


“It’s important to note that this interest surge has been organic on the Internet. SAF did nothing special to make it happen. They have really done this on their own, finding us on the Internet and following up.”


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