Youngkin Win ‘a Vote of Confidence in Free People and Free Enterprise Running Their Own Lives,’ Fmr. Va. Gov. Allen Says

Craig Bannister | November 3, 2021 | 10:24am EDT
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F,mr. Gov. George Allen (L) and Gov.-Elect Glenn Youngkin (Screenshot)

The election of Glenn Youngkin as governor of Virginia is a vote of confidence for parents, law enforcement – and freedom – former Senator and Governor George Allen (R-Va.) says.

The rights of parents to parent their children and have a voice in education was a key factor in Youngkin’s election, Allen told Fox & Friends First on Wednesday, the day following the Virginia vote:

“A key issue is safety in our schools: the content of what is being taught in schools and safety in schools.

“And, I think this was a vote of confidence in the parents of Virginia to be able to decide and determine the destiny of their children in a variety of ways, including education.

“It was a vote of confidence for our police officers, law officers across Virginia.

“And, it was a vote of confidence in free people and free enterprise running their own lives, rather than having it dictated to them by the government.”

President Joe Biden’s anti-energy and inflationary policies also contributed to Youngkin’s win, Allen said:

“Have you been to a grocery store or a gas station, lately? And, these skyrocketing prices for gasoline are being felt. And, you think of one of Biden’s very first acts on the first day was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline. Then, he lets Russia have a gas pipeline into Germany. Then, he’s now begging Saudi Arabia to increase oil production.

“You’re thinking, ‘How about asking the folks in Louisiana, in Texas and Oklahoma, North Dakota to increase production?’”

“All he needs to do is pick off a few rational-thinking Democrats and he can get these positive ideas done,” Allen said, addressing the strong presence of Democrats in the state’s House and Senate.

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