Yale Psych Prof: Biden Makes ‘Gaffes’ – But, Trump’s Mental Decline Is ‘Imminent Risk to Entire Human Civilization’

Craig Bannister | March 11, 2020 | 3:01pm EDT
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Yale's Dr. Bandy X. Lee

A Yale psychiatrist with a history of claiming President Donald Trump is mentally unfit says she doesn’t even want to discuss the mental health of Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden – because Biden’s mental lapses are merely “gaffes” – while Trump’s endanger all of humanity.

As NewsBusters reports, Dr. Bandy Lee’s defense of Biden and dour diagnosis of Trump are highlighted in a recent Yahoo News article:

Yahoo News politics editor David Knowles located three Trump-bashing psychologists to demonstrate the same partisan reflexes. The March 5 article was headlined "Trump's mental state — not Biden's — is the real concern, mental health professionals say."

Exhibit A is Bandy X. Lee, who appeared on Stelter's show to promote her mental-fitness evaluation, insisted there is no comparison between Biden and Trump:

“A few stumbled words are not the same as the extreme danger that result from a list of signs that Donald Trump has shown,” Bandy Lee, a psychiatrist on the faculty at the Yale School of Medicine, told Yahoo News, “and none of them apply to Joe Biden.”

Americans shouldn’t even be talking about “some gaffes” by Biden, when Trump’s cognitive decline is so great that it poses “imminent risk to the entire human civilization,” Dr. Lee argues:

“None of them are catastrophically alarming the way the signs have been with Donald Trump. I think there needs to be a measure of proportion here. On the one hand, we have [in Trump] such mental instability and such great cognitive decline as well as neurological signs that show imminent risk to the entire human civilization, compared with some gaffes perhaps. If we’re not addressing the former, why are we even talking about the latter?”

The article ends with Lee declaring that she doesn’t want to hear any more talk about Biden until the nation addresses “the overwhelming danger that we have before us,” Donald Trump:

"I would emphasize that I would give attention to the overwhelming danger that we have before us. Until that is addressed, or unless that is addressed, I personally do not wish to hear about Joe Biden.” 

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