'Why Do We Put Up with This C**p?' Fox Nation Host Asks After Biden Walks Out Without Answering Questions

Craig Bannister | January 14, 2022 | 2:44pm EST
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Pres. Joe Biden

“Why do we put up with this crap?” Fox Nation Host Tomi Lahren asked Friday after President Joe Biden gave a speech attended by a room full of reporters to push his trillion-dollar social spending plan – then walked out without answering any press questions.

Reporters had to listen to a 20-minute sales pitch by “Biden’s Teleprompter,” then the president refused to take a single question (even though press queries were being shouted at him as he left the stage), Lahren tweeted following Biden’s remarks:

“Biden’s Teleprompter spent 20 minutes trying to convince us everything is fine and dandy, then he walks out without answering questions. Why do we put up with this crap?”

One important question Lahren wants reporters to ask Pres. Biden and his fellow Democrats is what makes them “so committed to felon coddling,” Lahren noted in her previous tweet:

“We need to ask Democrats why they are so committed to felon coddling and baby soft on crime policies. What is the motivation behind that? Why do you want decent and law abiding Americans to be unsafe in our own streets? WHY?”

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