Watch: Ejected Seahawk Tries to Climb Into Stands to Fight Fan

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | December 11, 2017 | 10:54 AM EST

Security guard pulls back Seahawks player trying to fight fan. (Screenshot)

After being ejected for unnecessary roughness, a Seattle Seahawks player tried to climb into the stands to fight with unruly fans at a National Football League (NFL) game in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday.

After his ejection, defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson was supposed to leave the field – but, as he was heading to the locker room, angry Jacksonville Jaguar fans yelled at him, one throwing his drink – so, Jefferson reversed course and began confronting the taunting ticketholders

As Jefferson climbed into the stands, stadium security grabbed him and forced him into the locker room, CBS Sports reports:

“As Jefferson made his way to the locker room he was almost nailed by what appeared to be a drink thrown from the stands. At this point, Jefferson made a sharp left to confront the fan(s) in question yelling towards the front row while being restrained by Seahawks officials.

“Already hot, Jefferson lost his mind after he was almost hit in the head by another flying object (it also appeared to be a drink), and tried to climb into the stands.”



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