Washington Post Reporter Tosses Softball to Biden Economic Adviser, Asks Why ‘This President Is Not Getting Credit’

Craig Bannister | March 7, 2022 | 10:28am EST
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WH Economic Adviser Cecilia Rouse

At a White House event on Friday, Council of Economic Advisers chair Cecilia Rouse was thrown a softball question from a Washington Post reporter who declared that President Joe Biden isn’t getting enough credit for his accomplishments.

Praising Biden’s “trendlines” and handling of the U.S. economy, and ignoring the surging prices of goods and services, The Washington Post’s Annie Linskey asked:

"Given the good news that you've mentioned and the trendlines that have been very, very positive, why do you think this president is not getting credit from voters on -- for steering the economy in the right direction?"

“That’s a really complicated question,” Rouse replied, citing inflation, economic uncertainty, the COVID pandemic and “tensions between Russia and Ukraine” as possible reasons:

“Well I think that’s a really complicated question. We know that the America Rescue Plan was really an insurance policy for this economy. What we know is that there are millions more families, we’ve created, the economy created 7.4 million jobs over the past year during this presidency.

”And so, we know millions of families are able to have a job and put food on the table and pay their bills.

“What we know in the consumer, in the confidence data, a lot of that is premised on inflation. And, we do have inflation. The president has acknowledged that. We understand that. He is focused on that.

“But, what people also report is that their own finances are fairly healthy, but they see the kind of uncertainty in the economy that is there.

“So, we’re a pandemic-scarred society. That’s not just the economy. There’s uncertainty as we navigate our way out of this pandemic. And, then the tensions between Russia and Ukraine are going to add to that uncertainty, as well.”

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