Viral Video: Bison Attack Sends 9 Year-Old Girl Somersaulting Through Air at Yellowstone Park

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | July 26, 2019 | 11:32 AM EDT


Dramatic video of a bison ramming a 9 year-old girl at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has gone viral.

The girl was launched into the air when a bison rammed her, The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

On Tuesday, the National Park Service confirmed that a 9-year-old girl from Odessa, Florida, was injured after a male bison charged at her and tossed her into the air Monday afternoon near the Old Faithful Geyser area. Yellowstone is home to about 4,900 wild bison as well as a number of elk, wolves and bears.

"According to witnesses, a group of approximately 50 people were within 5-10 feet of the bison for at least 20 minutes before eventually causing the bison to charge the group," the National Park Service said in a news release. In the video, two other people could be seen fleeing from the bison before it struck the girl.

The injured girl was treated, then released, by the park’s medical providers.

A visitor to the park captured the bison attack on video and posted it on Twitter, where it was viewed four million times before being deleted on Wednesday. National network news programs have subsequently obtained and posted the video. As the ABC News video embedded below shows, the young girl was walking in a group alongside the bison when it charged her, sending her flying and flipping over in the air.

Members of her group had been petting the bison before the attack, The Chronicle reports.



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