Val Kilmer: ‘Power of Prayer Is as Potent Today as it Was in Jesus’ Time’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | November 17, 2017 | 3:37 PM EST

Actor Val Kilmer says he's experienced the power of "consistent prayer and love." (Screenshot)

Discussing his recovery from throat cancer, actor Val Kilmer credited the “power of prayer,” which he says is just as powerful today as it was in Jesus’ time.

In an interview with Deadline Hollywood published Thursday, Kilmer was asked about concerns regarding his battle with throat cancer. Kilmer said that, while he still needs to recover from his chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he no longer has cancer, thanks to the power of prayer:

“The first time I was asked if I had cancer, I answered truthfully that I had no cancer. As I hadn’t. If they had asked, have you had cancer, I would have said, yes, but it’s all healed now. Now, I just have to recover from the treatment from chemo and radiation. Somehow I was accused of not being forthright. Well, if years ago I had broken a leg and I was asked today if I have any broken bones, I would answer just as I did the cancer question: no, I don’t have any.

“Because I believe that the power of prayer is as potent today as it was in Jesus’ time, there tends to speculation I haven’t done all I can do to be as healthy as I have a right to be. Extraordinary assumptions are often made about others when one considers what a complete mystery our own bodies are to most of us. People are often afraid of what they don’t understand. I was.

“I’m so grateful I’ve experienced firsthand what consistent prayer and love can offer.”

And, when asked if he regretted any missed opportunities, such as roles he had turned down, Kilmer said that “turning away from success” has been crucial to his spiritual growth:

“I wouldn’t know what I know now spiritually without turning away from the success as often as I did. I did my ‘time in the wilderness’ in a very serious way, and today I know who I am, and can look any man on earth, in the face, with love, empathy and forgiveness.”

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