Two-Thirds of Voters Say Hunter Biden’s Laptop Scandal Is Important News

Craig Bannister | March 24, 2022 | 2:55pm EDT
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Pres. Joe Biden (R) and son Hunter
(Getty Images/Teresa Kroeger)

The closer U.S. voters follow the news of First Son Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal, the more likely they are to believe it’s an important story that President Joe Biden knew about and may have profited from – and that it would’ve costed him the 2020 election if media had covered it fully, a new Rasmussen survey reveals.

According to the survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters, conducted March 21-22, two-thirds (66%) called the story either very important (48%) or somewhat important (18%) – in light of the The New Times’ verification of the authenticity of the Biden laptop – when asked the following question:

“The New York Times has recently admitted that emails about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in foreign countries found on a laptop computer the president’s son abandoned in a Delaware computer repair shop were authentic. How important is the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop?”

The closer voters follow the Hunter Biden news, the more likely they are to consider the Biden laptop story at least somewhat important, with the percentage rising steadily from just 26% of those who follow the news “not at all” to 86% of those who follow it “very closely.” Fully, 82% of those who follow very closely rate the story a “very important” one.

Likewise, the closer voters follow the Hunter Biden news, the more prone they are to believe it’s likely that President Joe Biden “was consulted about and perhaps profited from his son Hunter's overseas business deals including at least one involving a company in mainland China.”

Again, while two-thirds (65%) of voters say it’s at least somewhat likely Joe Biden had been consulted and may have profited, that percentage rises from 32% of the least informed voters to 85% of those who have followed Hunter Biden news most closely. Among those who’ve followed very closely, 81% say it’s “very likely” that Joe Biden was consulted and may have profited from the deals.

Media bias-by-omission may have swung the 2020 presidential election in Joe Biden’s favor, the survey results suggest, based on the following question:

“If the media had fully reported the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election, how likely is it that Joe Biden would have been elected president?”

Among those who most closely track the Hunter Biden news, two-thirds (65%) say it’s either “not very likely” (23%) or “not at all likely” (42%) Biden would’ve won, if media had fully reported the scandal. Just 34% of voters who follow the news either “not very closely” or “not at all” think Biden would’ve lost.

About half (48%) of the 1,000 voters polled say it’s unlikely Biden would’ve won, while 45% think it’s at least somewhat likely he would’ve come out on top, even if the media had covered the news properly

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