Tulsi Gabbard: ‘The Government Has No Place in Our Personal Lives,’ Fla. Parental Rights Law Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Craig Bannister | April 5, 2022 | 9:31am EDT
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Tulsi Gabbard
(Getty Images/Justin Sullivan)

“Parental rights are under attack all across the country as the government tries to usurp parents’ rights and responsibility to raise their own children,” former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard warns in a video defending Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law.

Gabbard doesn’t just defend Florida’s new law, which her fellow Democrats have dubbed “Don’t Say Gay,” she says the law doesn’t go far enough to protect children and the rights of their parents:

"We should all support the Parental Rights in Education bill that recently passed in Florida which very simply bans government and government schools from indoctrinating woke sexual values in our schools to a captive audience. A captive audience that is, by law, is required to attend.

"But, as I read the legislation, I’ve got to tell you, I was shocked to learn that it only protects kids from kindergarten to third grade. Third grade? What about twelfth grade? Or not at all?"


“The government has no place in our personal lives,” because it’s the right of parents to raise their children and instill them with morals, Gabbard says:

“The government has no place in our personal lives. Government has no place in our bedrooms.

“Parents are the ones responsible for raising their kids and instilling in them a moral foundation – not the government.”

What’s more, if schools would focus on teaching students the skills they need to succeed, instead subjecting them to sexual and gender indoctrination, they could redeem the nation’s failing education system, Gabbard says:

“The reality that we’re facing in this country is our schools are failing. Nationally, 34 percent of students are below basic reading level in the fourth grade. Twenty-five percent of high school graduates are functionally illiterate.

“Now, I’m confident that, if our schools focused on educating our kids, teaching them the fundamentals – things like English, Math, Science, Physics, History – we would see our literacy rates improve and set our young people up for success.

“They would be thinking logically, thinking critically – and thinking for themselves.

“This is what our public schools should focus on.”

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