Tulsi Gabbard: Biden ‘Pouring Fuel on the Fires of Divisiveness,’ ‘Has His Atty. Gen. Targeting Millions of Americans’

Craig Bannister | January 14, 2022 | 4:22pm EST
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Tulsi Gabbard
(Getty Images/Justin Sullivan)

President Joe Biden promised to unite all Americans, but he’s actually tearing the nation apart by smearing and targeting anyone who disagrees with him, former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard says.

In a video posted on her Twitter page, Gabbard says she and millions of others supported Biden’s campaign for president because he vowed to put an end to divisiveness – but, he’s now doing the opposite by “fueling the fires” of discord and animosity:

“I supported Joe Biden, and millions of other Americans voted for Joe Biden because he promised to unite us. He promised to bring us together, to end the divisiveness.

“Sadly, not only has he failed to do this, he has betrayed us all by pouring fuel on the fires of divisiveness that are tearing our country apart.”

“Biden compares those who disagree with him to racists, traitors, enemies of bygone eras” and “now has his attorney general targeting millions of Americans as domestic terrorists.”

As proof, the video includes a clip of Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division Matthew Olsen warning of the domestic terrorist threat of Americans who oppose Big Government control of their lives:

“We’ve seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus – as well as those who subscribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies.”

“If we allow this to continue, our country – our country, the country that we love, the home of the free, the home of the brave – will be unrecognizable and will be lost forever,” Gabbard concludes.


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