Tucker: Trump’s First Lady Isn't ‘Lecturing You About Your Weight or Trying to Control Your Personal Life’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | June 6, 2018 | 2:06 PM EDT

Tucker Carlson (Screenshot)

The only reason liberal media hate First Lady Melania Trump is that she married Donald Trump, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said on his Tuesday show.

“What’s so interesting about this is how much journalists hate Melania Trump. Imagine hating Melania Trump,” Carlson said – noting that she is one First Lady who doesn’t publicly meddle in Americans’ lives:

“Whatever else she is, Melania trump is not an overbearing public figure.

“She’s not lecturing you about your weight or trying to control your personal life. She doesn’t weigh in on tax rates or global warming.

“It’s unlikely she will run for Senate in New York when all of this is over. Nobody thinks she’s one of her husband’s key political advisors.”

“You may never even have heard Melania Trump’s voice; many people haven’t. She doesn’t talk much in public,” Carlson said.

But, because she’s married to President Donald Trump, liberal media deny her “even the most basic consideration of decency,” Carlson said:

“Melania Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong to you, or anyone you know or anyone you will ever meet.

“She married Donald Trump - that is her only sin in the eyes of the press corps, and, yet, it’s enough to disqualify her from even the most basic consideration of decency.”


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