Tucker: The Real Wannabe Dictators Are the Liberal Media 'Yelling at You Right Now on Cable TV'

By Craig Bannister | February 20, 2018 | 11:44am EST
Tucker Carlson: Beware liberal media authoritarians. (Screenshot)

Liberal cable pundits like CNN’s David Gergen are the actual authoritarians seeking to crush and subjugate America, Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained on his show Monday.

Cable commentators relentlessly claim President Donald Trump is a dictator – but, they’re the ones who are members of America’s “Permanent Class,” which hates Trump and seeks to crush anyone who doesn’t fall in line with liberal orthodoxy, Carlson said:

“Let's say you really were an authoritarian and wanted to weaken American democracy and impose a kind of oligarchy on the country. How would you go about doing that?

“You'd probably start trying to control what people say and think. If citizens dissented from the mandated orthodoxy or dared to consider unauthorized ideas, you’d target them, you’d shame them on social media, you’d shout them down in public, you’d get them fired from their jobs, you’d make sure everybody was afraid to disagree with you.”

“After that, you would work to disarm the population. You’d take their guns away. That way, they’d be entirely dependent on you for their safety - not to mention, unable to resist your plans for them.

“Then, just to make sure you quelled all opposition, you would systematically target any institution that might oppose or put brakes on your power. You would be especially concerned about churches, the family, and independent businesses.

“You'd be certain to undermine and crush those, using laws and relentless propaganda.”

And, if that didn’t work, the authoritarian media and Permanent Class would become even more vicious and begin attacking the public itself, Carlson said:

“If, despite all of that, election results still didn't go your way, you'd use an entrenched, unelected bureaucracy to neuter any leader you hadn’t handpicked yourself.

“You'd be shaken by an election like that; you’d resolve never to allow one again. To make sure of that, you'd worked tirelessly to replace the old and ungrateful population with a new and more obedient one. That's what you do. Sound familiar?”

All of these authoritarian tactics are, in reality, being employed by the liberal media screaming at the American public – and, not by Trump – and that’s the real threat to freedom, Carlson concluded:

“We are not talking about Donald Trump. For all of his faults, Trump isn't doing any of that. Our ruling class is, and that's what all these issues are really about. The speech codes, the calls for gun control, the relentless attacks on the nuclear family, the demands for unlimited mass immigration.”

“None of that is designed to help you. None of it will make you happier or more prosperous. That’s not the point.

“The point is to make you more dependent on the very people who are yelling at you right now on cable television. They are the authoritarians."


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