Tucker Outraged by Reg to Let Schools Decide Whether to Tell Parents Their Kid Changed Gender

Craig Bannister | March 1, 2018 | 3:09pm EST
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Tucker Carlson (L) debates proposal with gender activist. (Screenshot)

Tucker Carlson voiced “outrage” Wednesday when a gender activist defended a proposal to allow children to change gender – and even race – at school without their parents finding out.

On his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program, Carlson framed the debate over Delaware’s Proposed Regulation 225:

“Students as young as five years old in Delaware may soon be able to say they’re changing their gender, their race, without even letting their parents know, and have the school protect them in that – against their parents.”

“Delaware is on the brink of passing a regulation that would allow children to change their gender without parental permission or even knowledge.

“Regulation 225 would order all schools to let kids pick their bathroom, locker room, sports team, preferred name, regardless of their biological gender. The regulation would also let students choose their own race and – if the school wishes – parents will be told nothing.”

LGBTQ gender activist Mark Purpura of Equality Delaware Foundation appeared on the show to defend the proposal, saying the school has a right to hide the gender change because “some parents are simply not going to be supportive” of it:

"The simple fact is that some parents are simply not going to be supportive of their child and may endanger the child’s safety or well-being to involve that parent in that decision."

When Carlson asked who would make such a decision, Purpura said it would be the school’s decision. That’s where Carlson cut Purpura off, mid-sentence, to object:

Purpura: "The school would make the decision, but I think what’s missing here…"

Carlson: "No, what’s missing here is missing outrage, so let me supply some.

“The school has no right to take away parental decision-making from parents. The children do not belong to school administrators.

“They are members of the family from which they came. How dare a school take that prerogative away from parents? Where did they get the right to do that?”

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