Trump Calls Dying Supporter at Request of Man’s Sister, a Democrat Councilwoman

By Craig Bannister | March 7, 2019 | 9:11am EST
Pres. Donald Trump (Screenshot)

“It sounds like you have a great sister,” President Donald Trump told Jay W. Barrett, a New Haven, Connecticut man doctors have given six months to live. Barrett’s sister, Democrat city council member Bridgette Hoskie, had arranged for Trump to call her dying younger brother, a staunch Trump supporter.

“I can’t believe that he called — I’m ecstatic about it,” 44 year-old Barrett, who is living out the last stages of cystic fibrosis in home hospice care at his sister’s house, told The New Haven Register.

A portion of Barrett’s conversation captured on video and posted on YouTube by The New Haven Register is presented below.

“It was an amazing experience,” Barrett said of the surprise phone call he received Tuesday evening, which The Register recounts:

“Barrett got the telephone call on Hoskie’s telephone at about 5:30 p.m. She was told last minute the president was going to call and rushed home from work, keeping it a surprise until the end.

“Barrett said his older sister handed him the telephone and the voice on the other end said, according to Barrett, said, ‘I’m the secretary for the president of the United States. Do you have time to talk to him?’”

In their talk, Pres. Trump urged Barrett to keep fighting, to which Barrett replied, “That’s what the Irish do, right?” Trump agreed, and the two then discussed ways they might be able to meet up, either when Trump goes to Connecticut or if Barrett realizes his plan to visit D.C.

“You’ll be sitting front row, center,” Trump promised.

On Saturday, HUD official Lynne Patton will deliver a gift from Trump and his family to Barrett when she returns to her hometown in Connecticut.


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