Trump in Exclusive Interview With Mark Levin: I Will Never Let the Boston Marathon Bomber Vote

Craig Bannister | April 26, 2019 | 10:20am EDT
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Pres. Donald Trump (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump says he will never allow terrorists like the Boston Bomber to vote, and that he doesn’t mind running against Democrats to want to give terrorist the right to vote.

In a pre-taped interview with conservative pundit and radio host Mark Levin scheduled to air on Levin’s Friday evening show, Trump said he’s amazed at how far left Democrats shifted and promised to expose their extremist agenda during his campaign:


Trump: “They have lurched left and I watched Bernie the other day, talking about prisoners can vote.”

Levin: “Terrorists.”

Trump: “I said, ‘well,’ I actually said – because then they went into that. First, they said, ‘prisoners;’ then they said, well, that means the Boston Bomber – you know, they used a couple of beautiful examples like the Boston Bomber – and he said that includes the Boston Bomber. And, I said, ‘Whoa, that’s heavy stuff.’

“And, then, you hear other people, more or less agreeing with him, that are running. And, I think it’s amazing.

“But, I don’t mind campaigning on fact that I will not allow - ever - to have the Boston Bomber to be voting. Okay, I don’t mind that. I don’t lose any points with the world of politics with that. It’s Ridiculous.

“But, that’s what I’m running against. And, it is amazing to me, and to you, how far left these people have gone. But, we’ll expose it for what it is.”


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