Trump Blamed for Beverly Hills Sales Slump: ‘Fewer Ferraris with Arabic Plates Cruise Rodeo Drive’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | August 14, 2019 | 3:54 PM EDT

Ferrari cruises Rodeo Drive
(Getty Images/Gabriel Bouys)

“Beverly Hills Suffers Shopping Slump Amid Trump-China Trade War,” bemoans a Hollywood Reporter headline.

“Notably fewer Ferraris with Arabic plates cruise Rodeo Drive” because “The president’s battle with Beijing and visa policies on Gulf nations are taking a brutal toll,” the article argues, noting double-digit percentage sales declines in the exclusive district – with “no end in sight.”

One reason wealthy travelers aren’t visiting Beverly Hills, California as much these days is that “They can’t get visas for their staff because of what Trump’s doing,” one luxury personal shopper tells The Hollywood Reporter. She says she longs for the time when one could mistake Rodeo Drive for an Arabic retail district:

“There've been years when you might have thought you were in the Gulf, walking down Rodeo, and those days are gone."

The article tells readers to “Blame it on the strong U.S. economy” – and Trump:

“Blame it on the strong U.S. economy offering less international bang for the buck; trade war-induced propaganda, with China issuing U.S. travel alerts warning of shootings and robberies; and Trump administration visa restrictions.”


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