Trump Asks Media to Tell Him Who Should Get His $1M Hurricane Relief Donation

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | August 31, 2017 | 5:09 PM EDT

Trump asks media million dollar question.

President Donald Trump has pledged to donate a million dollars of his own money to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday.

Fielding a question on what Trump had done to help, given that so many others have been extremely generous, Sanders told reporters that the president is seeking their guidance on where to send the million dollars “since you are very good at research and reporting”:

 “I had a chance to speak directly with the president earlier. And, I’m happy to tell you that he would like to join in the efforts that a lot of the people that we’ve seen across this country do. And, he’s pledging a million dollars of personal money to the fund.

“And, he’s actually asked that I check with you, since you are very good at research and have been doing a lot of reporting into the groups and organizations that are best and most effective in helping and providing aid, and he’d love some suggestions from the folks here, and I’d be happy to take those, if any of you have them.

“But, as I said, he’ll pledge, probably a million dollars of his own personal money to help the people of both Texas and Louisiana.”


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