Tom Hanks: Typewriter Technology ‘Can Never be Hacked by Forces of Evil’

By Craig Bannister | March 28, 2017 | 12:21pm EDT
Tom Hanks in "California Typewriter"

This summer, actor Tom Hanks will promote typewriter technology in a new documentary, “California Typewriter.”

“The revolution will be typewritten,” the movie’s promotional trailer declares, adding that the documentary is a “manifesto” designed to “rebel against the information regime”:

“Assert our right to resist the paradigm, to rebel against the information regime, to escape the data stream, to strike a blow for self-reliance, privacy, and coherence.

“We affirm the written word and written thought against multi-media, multi-tasking and the meme.”

Hanks is an avid fan of typewriter technology, which he says has important advantages over computers, because “you will never lose your data” and it “can never be hacked by the forces of evil”:

“What you have there is essentially a word processing machine that you can use every day, that you will never lose the data, and can never be hacked by the forces of evil.

“And all you have to remember to do is put what you type into an envelope, or hand it over to the people you love, or stick it in the mail. And that’s also assuming that the Post Office remains in existence for a while…”

And, on March 2, Hanks even typed his note to the White House press corps when he sent them a new espresso machine and urged them to “keep up the good fight” during the Trump administration.

“California Typewriter” will open theatrically in major markets in late summer of this year. Watch the film's official trailer below.

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