Texas Rep.-Elect Mayra Flores: Hispanics Want Border Security, a Better Economy, More Money in Their Pockets

By Craig Bannister | June 15, 2022 | 5:12pm EDT

Hispanics in her Southwest Texas district want border security, financial security and the economy to take priority over immigration reform, says Republican Rep.-elect Mayra Flores, who flipped a House seat in Tuesday’s special election.

Her victory made her the first Mexican-born U.S. congresswoman and the first Republican ever to win the predominantly Hispanic district.

In an interview with Fox News, Flores said that she won, in large part, because she shares the values – God, family and community – of her Hispanic constituents:

“Asked why the district’s two counties that border Mexico — Cameron and Hidalgo counties — swung heavily towards her, Flores answered because I’m one of them and I’m also standing up for our values. God, family, our community. That’s who we are in South Texas. We’re all about hard work.’”

"This is just the beginning and I believe that Hispanics throughout the country are going to see that more Hispanics are joining the Republican Party and they will do the research of why and when they do, they’ll realize that their values align with the Republican Party," Flores told Fox News.

Flores campaigned on the promise that she would prioritize the needs and concerns of Hispanics in her district, before tackling the issue of immigration reform.

Last month, while campaigning, Flores told Video Reporter Nicholas Ballasy that she understands what matters most to Hispanics:

“Hispanics want border security. Hispanics want a better economy. Hispanics want more money in their pockets. That’s what we want, and we cannot go forward on immigration reform until we get those things taken care of.”

Contrary to the narrative of Democrats and media, Hispanics actually support the Border Patrol, and don’t like the way border agents are being disrespected, Flores told Ballasy. And, while she says she supports immigration reform, she wants to help migrants come to the U.S. legally - as she did - not via dangerous, illegal means:

“I’m from Mexico – of course, I want that opportunity. But, I want every child to have the same experience that I had when I came here to this country.”


“If we really care about immigrants, we would focus on legal immigration and not illegal immigration, which is hurting, not only the American people, but them as well.”

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