Texas Lt. Gov. Sends 'A Clear Message to Antifa: Stay Out of El Paso; Stay Out of Texas'

Craig Bannister | August 3, 2019 | 5:01pm EDT
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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

Providing a live update on Saturday’s mass shooting at an El Paso, Texas Walmart, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) warned Antifa protesters to cancel their plans to come to the city.

A 21 year-old male suspect has been taken into custody, an unknown number of victims are dead, and others have been take to local hospitals, Lt. Gov. Patrick said.

Patrick, then, issued a stern warning to Antifa: “Stay out of Texas.”

“I was looking at a story recently. I just saw, the last couple of days ago, where Antifa is posting, you know, they want to come to El Paso and do a ten-day siege.

“A clear message to Antifa: Stay out of El Paso. Stay out of Texas, basically.”

Antifa is not welcome at any time, but certainly not now, Lt. Gov. Patrick added, repeating his call for Antifa to “Stay out of Texas.’

“But, we don’t need them coming in on September 1st. We didn’t need them to begin with, before this happened. But, I would say to Antifa: Scratch Texas off your map and don’t come in. It is not the time and place for them to come at any time, but particularly in the aftermath of what just happened in El Paso.

“So, Antifa, message from the lieutenant governor: Stay out of Texas.”


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