Ted Cruz Goes on Gleeful, Emoji-Filled, Twitter Tear Mocking CNN after Zucker Resigns: ‘The Most Busted Names in News’

Craig Bannister | February 2, 2022 | 4:05pm EST
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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) went on a fun-filled, emoji-laden Twitter tear Wednesday, reacting to news that CNN President Jeff Zucker had resigned in disgrace in the latest scandal-prompted departure from the network.

In a series of tweets, Cruz employed emojis, ranging from “grimacing face” (2) and “man facepalming” to “down pointing backhand index.”


As NewsBusters reports, Zucker has resigned after an improper relationship with a female co-worker came to light:

“On Wednesday morning, CNN president, longtime overlord, and puppetmaster Jeff Zucker resigned effective immediately from the failing, far-left network after nine years over what he called “a consensual relationship with my closest colleague” with fellow CNN executive Allison Gollust that he had failed “to disclose...when it began.”

“It turns out he was screwing CNN’s viewers,” Sen. Cruz observed in his first post, retweeting a Hot Air post of the news.


Cruz then got creative, tweeting a graphic titled “THE MOST BUSTED NAMES IN NEWS,” featuring pictures of the resigned Zucker, current CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin (previously suspended and fired for exposing himself on Zoom), and fired CNN Host Chris Cuomo (ethics violations).


“Damn good question,” Cruz then commented, retweeting a Twitchy headline: “Megyn Kelly and Soledad O’Brien say the Zucker relationship was an ‘open secret.’ So, where were Brian Stelter and other media journos this whole time?”

Sen. Cruz followed up by retweeting a post by news satire website, The Babylon Bee: “CNN Quietly Resets 'Days Since An Employee Committed A Sex Crime' Counter Back To Zero

Cruz’s only comment on the post is an emoji, described as “down pointing backhand index.”


The senator’s next two posts featured the “grimacing face” emoji, as he retweeted two observations about CNN, relating to Zucker’s resignation:

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