Ted Cruz: 15 Things You Can’t Say Anymore Because They Can Get You Fired, Canceled, and Erased

Craig Bannister | June 23, 2021 | 9:57am EDT
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Sen. Ted Cruz

“I’m going to commit a radical act: I’m going to speak the truth,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said before making a series of once-undisputed declarations that are now dangerous to voice.

In an address to the Faith & Freedom conference last Friday, Cruz proclaimed:

“America is great,”

“Christopher Columbus discovering America was a good thing,

“George Washington was an American hero,

“Thomas Jefferson was an American hero,

“Abraham Lincoln was an American hero,

“Our Founding Fathers were extraordinary patriots,

“America has been a force for good in the world,

“We should stand for our National Anthem,

"Police officers keep us safe,

“Marriage is a holy covenant before God,

“An unborn child is a child,

“Children do best when they are raised by a mother and a father,

“Israel is our friend,

“The Wuhan virus came from Wuhan,

“And, there is a difference between boys and girls.”

In the past, those statements would have been uncontroversial – but, now, they can cost you your job and get you fired, “canceled” and “erased” by intolerant liberals, Sen. Cruz warned:

“I want you to pause and think for a second that, just a few years ago, every one of those statements would have been utterly uncontroversial and blazingly obvious – even to the most dimwitted among us.

“And today, we are at a moment where saying those words can get you canceled. Saying those words can get you fired. Saying those words can get you erased.”

But, take heart, because a revival in America is coming, Cruz reassured his audience:

“And, I’m here today with two very simple messages. Number one, we need to defend America. And, number two, a word of optimism: revival is coming.”

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