Study: NFL Ranks Nation’s #3 Most-Hated Company, Behind Fox, Equifax

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | February 2, 2018 | 2:54 PM EST

Ex-49er Kaepernick is credited with sparking National Anthem protests at NFL games. (Screenshot)

The National Football League (NFL) is the third-most hated company in America – partly because of players’ disrespect for the nation’s flag and anthem, a new study reveals.

The study by 24/7 Wall St. identifies “America’s Most Hated Companies,” ranking the 20 most-despised:

“Reviewing a range of information, including major news events from the last year, customer survey results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, employee reviews on Glassdoor, as well as our own annual customer satisfaction survey, 24/7 Wall St. identified America’s most hated companies.

“Many companies on this list are struggling with discrete incidents that may be remedied with time and strategic public relations campaigns. For others, problems appear much more deeply ingrained within the company’s culture or business model.”

While the study blames increased public awareness of football-related head injuries as a factor, it also cites National Anthem protests and “the growing politicization” of the sport:

“The growing politicization during games this season gave even more Americans a reason to dislike the organization. President Donald Trump tweeted in September 2017 that the league should fire or suspend players who kneel during the national anthem — a trend that started in 2016 by now unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick to raise awareness of racial inequality in the United States.

“The act of kneeling is itself controversial, garnering support from some who claim it is a protected form of free speech in support of a righteous cause, while others claim it is disrespectful to the flag.”

“The NFL’s viewership dipped considerably in 2017, due in part to boycott movements driven by the kneeling controversy. Nationally televised games in the current season averaged only 15.1 million viewers, down from 16.6 million last season.”

At number three, the NFL ranks ahead number two, the Fox Entertainment Group. The study blames contempt for Fox on its Fox News Channel’s “blatant right-wing slant” and “allegations of sexual harassment.”

Equifax ranked the nation’s most-hated company, as the criminal hacking of its consumer credit records alienated more than 145 million Americans by exposing them to the threat of identity theft. See full list of America’s 20 most-hated companies.


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