SPLC Publishes New List Targeting 1,503 'Confederate Place Names'

Craig Bannister | August 31, 2017 | 11:58am EDT
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New SPLC map targets Southeast U.S. (Screen Capture)

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has now branded hundreds of counties, cities, schools and U.S. military bases as potential catalysts to “unleash more turmoil and bloodshed” – because of their names.

The SPLC website says it has compiled a list of 1,503 place names, monuments and symbols it wants its supporters to demand be eradicated:

“Following the Charleston massacre, the Southern Poverty Law Center launched an effort to catalog and map Confederate place names and other symbols in public spaces, both in the South and across the nation. This study, while far from comprehensive, identified a total of 1,503.”

“More than 1,500 Confederate monuments stand in communities like Charlottesville with the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed.”

These include:

  • 718 monuments and statues, nearly 300 of which are in Georgia, Virginia or North Carolina;
  • 109 public schools named for Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis or other Confederate icons;
  • 80 counties and cities named for Confederates;
  • 9 official Confederate holidays in six states; and
  • 10 U.S. military bases named for Confederates.

“We will never solve our community’s problems if an entire group of citizens is alienated or feels targeted for discrimination,” SPLC says.

Some of the county names the SPLC says make citizens feel “targeted for discrimination” are:

  • Chilton County, Alabama,
  • Pasco County, Florida,
  • Hendry County, Florida,
  • Wheeler County, Georgia,
  • Bleckley County, Georgia,
  • Benton County, Mississippi,
  • Vance County, North Carolina,
  • Foard County, Texas,
  • Reagan County, Texas,
  • Terry County, Texas

But, it’s not just counties and monuments the SPLC wants to eliminate. In all, the SPLC is targeting:

  • Flags;
  • Holidays and other observances;
  • School names,
  • Highways,
  • Parks,
  • Bridges,
  • Counties,
  • Cities,
  • Lakes,
  • Dams,
  • Roads,
  • Military bases, and
  • Other public works

The top 10 most hateful states, ranked by SPLC by number of offenses, are:

  1. Virginia: 223
  2. Texas: 178
  3. Georgia: 174
  4. N. Carolina: 140
  5. Mississippi: 131
  6. S. Carolina: 112
  7. Alabama: 107
  8. Louisiana: 91
  9. Tennessee: 80
  10. Florida: 61
Source: SPLC (Screen Capture)



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