Shapiro: ‘All Democrats Had to Do Was Peel Off One Sucker…Enter Sen. Jeff Flake’

By Craig Bannister | October 1, 2018 | 10:54am EDT
Ben Shapiro (L) and Sen. Jeff Flake (Screenshot)

This week’s “pointless” Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probe into allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was launched because Democrats found “one sucker” to support it, Ben Shapiro said on his Fox News Channel election special Sunday.

Shapiro noted that the FBI will simply be rehashing testimony already obtained by the Senate Judiciary Committee:

“Well, now, such an FBI investigation is pointless. A non-criminal FBI investigation actually has less power to compel testimony than the Senate Judiciary Committee. The FBI can’t subpoena records or force people to testify. The FBI doesn’t come to findings on allegations; they merely compile statements – the same statements already given under penalty of perjury by witnesses who don’t actually back Ford’s account.

“If those witnesses change their testimony now, they may be perjuring themselves. An FBI investigation was completely superfluous. It was a transparent attempt to waste time.”

But, to get the FBI investigation and delay the vote on confirming Kavanaugh, all Democrats had to do was find “one sucker” who would go along with them – and Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake was that sucker, Shaprio said:

“But, all Democrats had to do was peel off one sucker among the Republicans.

“Enter, Senator Jeff Flake. On Friday, despite already having stated he would support Kavanaugh’s nomination, in the absence of any corroborating evidence from Ford, Flake collapsed.

“So, why did Flake collapse? Because some protesters screamed at him in an elevator. I’m not kidding. At all.”

After playing video of the protesters accosting Flake, Shapiro noted that one of the protesters was a professional activist paid by liberal donor George Soros.

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