Sessions Asked if Timing of Russian Meeting Was ‘Coincidence’ or Conspiracy

By Craig Bannister | March 2, 2017 | 5:51pm EST

After recusing himself from any potential investigations of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked if he was set up.

Fox News Channel’s Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge asked Session if he felt he was “targeted” by the Russians, since their request for a meeting with him came “at the height of Russia’s interference” with last year’s presidential election:

“With hindsight, do you believe that this is a coincidence that the Russians asked you for a meeting, or do you believe you were targeted because it came at the height of Russia’s interference and at the same time then-candidate Trump was giving an interview to RT saying that he didn’t believe that there was anything to the reported interference?”

Sessions refused to speculate, saying he didn’t any reason to believe there was a link between the two events:

“I don’t recall, and don’t have a sense of, any connection, whatsoever, about that. I’m not sure that I even knew, when we set up the meeting, what was going to be going on in the world at the time.

“So, I can’t speak for what the Russian ambassador may have had in his mind.”

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